Veda Tooth Powder – 50gms

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Brushing with tooth powder improves gum’s grip, avoids bad odour, and, most importantly, keeps you from pouring chemicals into your body every morning.

  1. Promoting oral health: Banyan bark, nutmeg, Terminalia chebula, and Karuvelam bark are the ingredients that help to promote oral health and prevent cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems.
  2. Freshening breath: Ingredients such as clove and rock salt can help to freshen breath and leave the mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

Ingredients: Clove, Rock salt, Banyan bark, Nutmeg, Terminalia chebula, Karuvelam bark.

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How to use:
1) Take a pinch of the tooth powder in your palm.
2) Use the brush in the morning, and you can use your finger at night (this is my formula).
3) After brushing your teeth, use your index finger to press the gums and gently rub the teeth.
4) Do this for a week, and then you will see the magic. All your teeth and gum problems will be gone.

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