Pure Hibiscus Pack


Quantity: 100gms

Production Process: Pluck-Dry-Pulverize


For the Chemically treated and Color damaged hair that looks dull and frizzy. This pure hibiscus powder can be used as deep conditioner.

Ingredients: DRIED HIBISCUS FLOWERS grown at our own farm.

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1) Mix the powder with water and make it a loose paste (Runny consistency).
2) Keep the mix for 5 mins for the flower to get soaked well in water. Add more water to make it runny.
3) Apply on the hair from the scalp to the tip, leave it for 20 minutes.
4) Rinse it off with normal water. (If applied Shampoo to remove there is no herbal effect for the hair. So take your time to rinse well in the shower).
5) Due to the freshness & Viscosity of the flower it will take some time to get off from your hair. Enjoy the conditioning of the hair after bath.