Pure Hibiscus Pack


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Every Hibiscus is not Hibiscus 🌺.
Don’t get puzzled by above statement. There are more than 200 species available in the genes Hibiscus. Hibiscus-Rosa-Sinensis (our 12th standard botany Hibiscus) is the one which is used in our Indian Ayurvedic system & in Chinese Herbology for it rich medicinal properties.

For Hair: This pure hibiscus powder can be used as deep conditioner.
For Skin: This pure flower can be used as a you everyday face pack.

Ingredients:DRIED HIBISCUS FLOWERS grown at our own farm. Vaseegrah Veda is the only growers & manufacturer of Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis. in Hindi: Japa Tamil: Semparuthi

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How to Use
1) Mix the powder with water and make it a loose paste.

2) Apply to the face and keep the pack for some time. (15 to 20 minutes is recommended).

3) Rinse with normal water.



200 gms, 50 gms

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