Pure Henna Powder – 100gms

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Fresh henna leaves were dried in the shade and pulverized.

Henna not only acts as a hair dye but also helps reduce premature greying of hair. Tannins, a plant compound found in henna, contribute to its rich coloring. Our drying technique in making this leave-in powder keeps it intact and colours your hair when used as a hair dye.

Henna contains vitamin E, which helps to soften hair. The natural leaves of the plant are rich in proteins and antioxidants that support overall hair health.

Ingredients: DRIED HENNA LEAVES grown at our own farm.

Unit: 100gms
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Henna and Indigo usage as a Hair dye:
1. Take the required amount of henna powder (according to your hair length) and soak it “OVERNIGHT” with water.
2. The next morning, apply henna to your hair’s entire length. (Apply well to every layer.)
3. Keep it on for around 20 to 30 minutes if you have cold issues. If not, you can keep it around 30–60 minutes.
4. Rinse well with water. There is No need for shampoo or conditioner. (No hair dryers post-wash.)

This will colour your hair naturally brown after washing. To make it black, you should apply indigo powder.

Follow this simple routine regularly for 3 weeks to keep your hair black.

Saturday night: Soak two spoons of henna powder. 
Sunday morning: apply to the hair and leave on for 20 minutes.
Rinse with normal water.

Wednesday Morning: Soak two spoons of indigo powder.
Apply to the hair after 5 minutes of mixing with water, and leave on for 20 minutes.
Rinse with normal water.

This can be an easy washing routine you can follow. It will be easy to use, and it will colour your hair without any struggle.

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