Pure Henna Powder


Fresh Henna leaves dried in shade and pulverized.

Henna not only as a hair dye it also helps in reducing premature graying of hair.  Tannins, a plant compound found in Henna that contributes to their rich coloring. Our drying technique in making this leaves powder keeps it intact and colors your hair when used as a Hair Dye.

Henna contains vitamin E, which helps to soften hair. The natural leaves of the plant are rich in proteins and antioxidants that support overall hair health.

Ingredients: DRIED HENNA LEAVES grown at our own farm.

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Henna and Indigo usage as a Hair dye:
Henna Application:
1. Take a required amount of henna powder (according to your hair length) and soak it “OVERNIGHT” with water.
2. In the next morning apply henna in your scalp & whole length.(apply well to every layer).
3. Keep it applied for around 20 to 30minutes if you have cold issues. If not you can keep it around 30-60 mins.
4. Rinse well with water. No need of shampoo or conditioner. (No hair dryers post wash)

Indigo Application:
5. Mix a required amount of indigo powder with water. (According to your hair length)
6. Apply it instantly on your hair.(No need to soak). How quick you are applying it , maximum will be the result.
7. Keep it applied for around 20 to 30minutes, if you have cold/sinus issues. If not you can keep it around 30-60 mins.
8. Follow the same washing method as you did for henna.
9. Enjoy the freshness of henna and indigo with Vaseegrah 🌿

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