Pure Coconut Oil (500ml)

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Things to look before you buy any Coconut Oil.

  1. Copra should be dried without using Sulphur. (Sulphur-di-oxide settles on the layers of coconut and it is carcinogenic).
  2. Heat released during the pressing process may not exceed 49 °C (120 °F) in order for the oil to be designated as cold pressed.
  3. Metal/Wood/Stone neither of them have any nutritional advantage over the other. So don’t pay more since it is wood pressed.
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Too many ambiguity in the market of edible oils. Virgin then the extra virgin so and so.., You may ask what is this pure coconut oil?

Let me explain you in very simple terms that we understand: The coconut shell is broken and  It is kept in the direct sun for 4 days. Then the pulp is peeled off from the shell. This dried pulp is  Grinded in an oil mechanical extraction machine to get the oil. Simple I guess.

IMPORTANT : NO Sulphur or preservatives added in the whole process.