Hibiscus Pack(400gm)


Skin / Hair

Quantity: 400gms

Production Process: Pluck-Dry-Pulverize.

Packaging: TIN container

Ingredients: DRIED HIBISCUS FLOWERS grown at our own farm. Since there are more than 300 varieties available in the Genus Hibiscus, we use only Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis in Ayurvedic: Japaa, Javaa, Odrapushpa, Rudrapushpa, Arunaa. Siddha/Tamil : Semparuthi is used for making our product.

Note :

Not Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Hibiscus Roselle) Ayurvedic Name : Ambashtthaki. Siddha/Tamil: Pulichai-keerai, Shimai-kashuruk-kirai (Roselle) Hindi: Lal Ambari or Patwa is used or mixed. So big no for expecting bright red powder.

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