Herbal Growth Oil


Quantity: 100ml

P.C: @la_tikka

Pure Coconut oil from the farm is treated with herbs to give them increased efficacy to prevent hair loss and to improve the texture of the hair. Split ends, frizzy texture, hair thinning are controlled with the regular application of this oil.

Essential oil that will nurture your hair roots to be strong and healthy.


Hibiscus flowers, Amla, Aloe vera, Curry leaves, Guava leaves, Bhringaraj, Moringa leaves & its seeds oil, fenugreek .



1) Take a few drops of oil and gently massage on the scalp and hair.
2) It is recommended to use oil for maximum number of days as possible instead of keeping large quantities of oil in a short time(Big NO to Champi).
So take a few drops each day and give some time for the oil to make your hair Healthy.

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