Herbal Black Mask


Quantity: 100gms

Production Process: Pluck-Dry-Pulverize

Premature greying are quite common now a days. If you are the one who got two three greys or the one who is at the 50’s yet don’t want to use chemical dyes then using this mask twice a week with regular interval between both the mask days keeps your hair not just black it will be jet black.

IMPORTANT: It is NOT A DYE. This is 100% pure herbal powder so don’t expect this to turn your greys into black in a single bath. I personally doing this for more than a year now. In my personal experience it haven’t turned the greys into black but it have prevented the spread and eliminated the need to dye( I am 54 with my happy black hairs).

If you can get these fresh leaves then you can put them in your mixer and apply the leaves as a pack. Be consistent with the regime thank me later.


Ingredients: Bhringaraj/(கரிசலாங்கண்ணி)/(False daisy) fresh leaves are powdered and added with Indigo leaves.


1) Mix mask with water and make it a loose paste (Runny consistency).
2) Keep the mix for 5 mins for the leaves to get soaked well in water.
3) Apply on the scalp and hair and leave it for 20 minutes
4) Rinse well while taking bath.(If applied Shampoo to remove the mask there is no use)
5)  Enjoy the freshness of nature and look for the dark black hair in your first use itself.

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