Herbal Black Mask – 100gms

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Grey hair popping up? False daisy is your herb. Applying it as a hair pack twice a week makes the greys dull, and most importantly, it will prevent the spread.

Ingredients: Bhringaraj/(கரிசலாங்கண்ணி)/(False daisy) fresh leaves, Hibiscus leaves; Indigo leaves; Phyllanthus reticulatus leaves.

Black Mask is not a dye. It is a leaf powder to prevent the spread of grey hairs. Already available grey hair won’t get a change in color. For hair dyeing, henna & indigo are recommended. Please contact our customer care executives for further clarification. We are happy to serve you.

Unit: 100gms
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How to Use:

1) Mix this mask powder with water and make it into a loose paste. Loose paste is easier to apply to your hair and also rinse out.
2) Keep the mixture in water for 5 minutes to allow the leaves to soak. Add more water if needed to make a loose paste.
3) Apply to the scalp and hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse off the mask before it dries on your hair.
4) Rinse well while taking a bath. If you use shampoo to remove the mask, there is no herbal effect on the hair.
5) Bhringaraj will prevent the spread of grey hair and keep the existing grey hair dull.

If your hair is completely grey, henna and indigo for natural hair colouring are recommended instead of this Black Mask. It is only recommended if you have a few grey hairs and want to prevent the spread of grey hairs. This is a pure leaf powder of the false daisy herb. It will not be conditioning in the same way that our hair mask or CG mask are.

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