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DescriptionQuantity: 100gms This Amla powder is made from dried Indian gooseberry “pulp”. No leaves powder or seeds are added to the mix. It’s only PULP.
  • condition your scalp
  • promote healthy hair growth
  • improve the tone of henna hair dyes
  • minimize grays
  • boost volume
  • reduce dandruff
  • treat head lice
Quantity: 100gms
Dried rosemary leaves are the dried leaves of the rosemary plant (Rosmarinus officinalis). They are a popular culinary herb and are often used to add flavor to dishes such as roasted meats, soups, stews, and sauces. The leaves are typically small and narrow, with a needle-like shape, and are usually a deep green color when fresh. When dried, the leaves become brittle and can easily crumble into small pieces. Dried rosemary leaves have a strong, pungent aroma and a slightly bitter, woody flavor with hints of pine and lemon.  It is believed to have several health benefits, including aiding digestion and improving cognitive function.
Quantity: 100gms “An excellent conditioner”  is the one-word introduction for this leaf. The amino acids (Keratin) in Hibiscus make it an excellent conditioner. Nourishes the hair follicles, softens the hair, and makes it more manageable. Treats dandruff and itchy scalp: Using hibiscus leaves for hair balances the pH of hair. Reduce the growth of dandruff-causing fungi, reduce dandruff flakes and prevent its recurrence.

Every Hibiscus is not Hibiscus 🌺.
Don’t be puzzled by the above statement. There are more than 200 species available in the genus Hibiscus. Hibiscus-Rosa-Sinensis (our 12th standard of botany) is the one that is used in our Indian Ayurvedic system and in Chinese herbology for its rich medicinal properties.

For Hair: This pure hibiscus powder can be used as a deep conditioner.
For Skin: This pure flower can be used as an anti-aging face pack every day.

Ingredients:DRIED HIBISCUS FLOWERS grown at our own farm. Vaseegrah Veda is the only growers & manufacturer of Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis. in Hindi: Japa Tamil: Semparuthi
ContentHow to use:
Dried rosemary leaves are a versatile herb and can be used in a variety of dishes.
  1. Seasoning for meats: Sprinkle dried rosemary leaves on chicken to add flavor.
  2. Flavoring for vegetables: Toss roasted or grilled vegetables like potatoes and carrots with a pinch of dried rosemary for added flavor.
  3. Soups and stews: Add dried rosemary to soups and stews to enhance their flavor.
  4. Salad dressings: Use dried rosemary leaves in salad dressings for a unique flavor.
  5. Baked goods: Use dried rosemary to flavor bread, crackers, and savory baked goods.
  6. Infusions: Brew dried rosemary in hot water to make a flavorful tea, or infuse it in olive oil to create a tasty flavored oil for cooking or drizzling on salads.
Remember to use dried rosemary, as it has a strong flavor that can easily overpower other ingredients. Start with a small amount and adjust according to your taste preferences.

Some DIY Ideas:

1) Hibiscus And Curry Leaves Using curry and hibiscus leaves for hair will promote hair growth and prevent premature greying of hair. 1. Blend hibiscus leaves, curry leaves, and a spoon of coconut oil to get a smooth paste. 2. Apply it to the scalp and hair and massage it for 10 minutes. 3. Keep it for 30-40 minutes, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. 4. Using Hair Cleanser powder will give you squeaky clean hair after a bath.

2) Hibiscus Leaves and Onion

Using hibiscus leaves with onion juice on hair will promote hair regrowth and prevent baldness. 1. Mix juice of hibiscus leaves with onion juice. Apply it to the hair and the scalp. 2. Keep it for 15-20 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water. If you have other DIY Ideas please do share them with us.
How to Use 1) Mix the powder with water and make it a loose paste. 2) As a deep conditioner for hair, apply it to the scalp and hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse off the mask before the powder dries on your hair. 
3) As an anti-aging face pack, and apply the pack for some time (15 to 20 minutes are recommended.) Wipe with normal water.  
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Weight 112 g
Weight 112 g
Weight 112 g
Weight 112 g
Weight 112 g

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