Floral Face Pack


Quantity : 50 gms

Summer is here. This floral pack makes your skin feel the chillness of hibiscus & fragrance of rose. Due to the rich vitamin C content, rose petals protect your skin from all the problems that you get from the direct sunlight on your skin. Hibiscus is a natural source of AHAs, AHAs slough away dead skin cells and encourage skin cell renewal. This face pack can help reduce hyperpigmentation, increase skin clarity, and “encourage fresher and smoother-looking skin”.

Ingredients: Hibiscus-Rose—Sinensis with Indian fragrant pink rose.


How to Use
1) Mix the powder with water and make it a loose paste.

2) Apply to the face and keep the pack for some time. (15 to 20 minutes is recommended).

3) Rinse with normal water.


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