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DescriptionMaintaining a frizzy curls is a tough job we all know. So this mask is an upgraded version of our best seller “Herbal Hair Mask” by adding extra amount of the ingredients like Hibiscus flowers and Aloe vera to provide a deep conditioning & enhancing overall health of your curls which is dulled by the hectic CG routine. If you want to give a Herbal nourishment to your curls which is taking to much chemicals following CG Routine then this mask is for you. Ingredients: Aloe vera Hibiscus flowers, Moringa leaves, Amla, Aloe vera, Curry leaves, Hibiscus leaf, Vettiver, Vasambu, Henna leaves, Bhringaraj, and other herbs.
It is a herbal alternative to shampoo. Shampoo and store bought shikakai will be harsh too your hair. Store bought shikakai contains higher quantity of reetha in it to give you lather. This makes the hair dry and leads to breakage. It can’t be used as a daily wash powder. Herbal Hair Wash is a No-poo product. It will not lather/foam. It will be a mild cleanser for the hair without ripping off the natural oils in it and making the hair frizzy free post wash.
Sulphur-free dried copra is cold pressed to make this pure coconut oil. Suitable for nourishing hair & moisturizing skin.Quantity: 35ml

Almond oil is an extremely nourishing oil rich in Vitamins A & E. It nourishes the skin and improves the overall complexion which helps in reviving the natural glow. Almond oil is also useful for lightening dark circles, dark spots, and marks. It’s also suitable for delicate, irritated and sensitive skin types. It has been used to treat skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Also, because of its high vitamin E content, it can aid in fading scars, healing sun damage, and slowing the effects of aging.

Additionally, it possesses potent antifungal qualities. Rub it on your feet to ward off ringworm and other fungal illnesses, such as athlete's foot. You can use almond oil as a cleanser or to gently remove makeup as well.

ContentHow to Use 1)Mix mask with water and make it into a loose paste. 2) Keep the mix for 5 mins for the leaves to get soaked well. 3) Apply on the scalp and hair and leave it for 20mins (If you’re prone to get cold minimize the time) 4) Rinse well while taking bath.(If applied Shampoo to remove the mask there is no herbal effect for the hair. So the mask is designed to get off well without shampooing). 5) This is important 👉🏻Enjoy the chillness and smooth texture before and after bath respectively🛀🏻How to Use: 1) Mix the powder with water and make it a loose paste. 2) Apply on the wet hair while bathing as you do Shampoo and rinse off.

How to use:

Almond oil is the ideal moisturizer for your sensitive skin.
Applying almond oil to dry areas of your body like your feet, elbows, or any other dry places helps to keep them moisturized.

How to use almond oil for face?

Pump a small amount into the hands and massage it gently all over the face.

Leave it for 30 minutes, then cleanse with a mild cleanser. (Any one of our bath powders will be preferable.)

How to use almond oil for hair?

Apply almond oil to the scalp and gently massage the hair from root to tip.

Leave it on for at least 20 minutes, then cleanse it with a mild hair cleanser and warm water. (You can also leave the oil in your hair overnight.)

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