Herbal Black Mask


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400gm available in family packs page

Grey hair popping up? False daisy is your herb. Applying it as a hair pack twice a week makes the greys to dull and most importantly it will prevent the spread.

Ingredients: Bhringaraj/(கரிசலாங்கண்ணி)/(False daisy) fresh leaves are powdered.

Black Mask is not a dye. It is a leaves powder to prevent the spread of grey hairs. Already available grey hair won’t get change in color. For Hair dyeing Henna & Indigo combo is recommended. Please contact our customer care executives for further clarification. We are happy to serve you.


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How to Use:
1)Mix mask with water and make it a loose paste
2) Keep the mix for 5 mins for the leaves to get soaked well.
3) Apply on the scalp and to full length of hair and leave it for 20mins
(If you’re prone to get cold minimize the duration)
4) Rinse well while taking bath.(If applied Shampoo to remove the mask there is no herbal effect for the hair. So the mask is designed to get off well without shampooing).

Note: If your hair is completely grey then Henna & Indigo for Hair dying is recommended than this Black Mask. It is recommended only if you are having few greys and for preventing the spread of grey hairs. This is a pure leaves powder of the False daisy herb. It won’t be conditioning as our Hair Mask & CG Mask.


100 gms, 200 gms

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