Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my Order?

Orders placed before 10AM IST will be shipped on the same day and Tracking Number will be mailed. We depend on third party courier services for delivering our products. We partnered with some of the best courier services available which you can choose while you check out.

What if my order is not delivered?

1.Missing Article

Contact our Customer Support : 8248817165 or Mail us tracking@vaseegrahveda.com we are here to help you and make sure you get the article asap.

2.Insufficient Address & Addressee Not Found

We provide you most affordable shipping fare in the entire E-commerce industry. If the reason for non-delivery is any of the above reason it is customer’s responsibility to pay the shipping charge to resend the article.

3.Article not Dispatched

In extraordinary situations like Natural calamities or other human errors done at the factory in dispatching your article you can immediately contact 8248817165 to get speedy solution.

When the Products back to stock?

Pure Hibiscus Pack

Hibiscus flowers are grown in our own farm without use of any synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. So the yield per plant is below the level of demand for the product. Every Wednesday 11:00 AM we will update the stock for that week.

Black Mask

Bhringaraj is the herb that we use to prepare the black mask will be available only during the cultivation time in the farm. This prevent us from producing this product all throughout the year. We are developing our own farm production for this herb and soon we hope to solve this supply issue. We will notify in our Stories/Status regarding availability.

“Veda Pure” what is that?

Vaseegrah Veda is a unique company that sells your toiletries (Tooth powder, Bath Powders, Hair care products) made only from plant based raw materials. In this venture we got stuck in procuring these herbs for our production. That made us to grow our own raw materials in our own farms.

Coming to Veda Pure is a page dedicated for selling our raw materials to other manufacturers in our industry. Mail us to vaseegrahveda@gmail.com to get your wholesale price for each of the available raw materials.

Can Kids use your Products?

YES. We feel so happy when you protect a your kid’s skin & hair with vaseegrah veda. Our only purpose is to give some rest to our grandmothers from preparing bath powders and shikakai for us. As she does we only process plant based raw material in our products. She won’t add some chemical to get lather or foam in the shikakai she make.

Same we do. Our Hair Wash won’t lather, Rose petals don’t smell like a rose scent neither it will be in rose color.

How To Use?

We are in making videos for each products and soon we will giving you the links:

Curly Mask: https://youtu.be/jNbnu-Lx9WI

Hair Growth Oil : https://youtu.be/LZy-RFqW1VA

Hair Mask: https://youtu.be/Fc-9TlLcHG4

Pure Hibiscus Powder: For Face- https://youtu.be/fxLa6-gTAYA

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