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What is Green Bathroom?

Everyday millions of gallons of water that we use in our bathrooms get polluted with the chemical toiletries that we use. Be it a Tooth Paste, a Soap or a Shampoo we use has chemicals that pollute our water bodies thus making it inhospitable for the species around. Could you even imagine a plant grown using this water? .

We not only pollute the environment, it is our Skin , Hair & Body getting polluted each day every day.

Our Company

From our farm to pamper you with the freshness of Nature.

At Vaseegrah Veda each ingredient has its own story. Picture above shows you The Mountain of Avarampoo hand plucked by our team. We firmly believe “Cure for each of our Hair & Skin problems are in The Herbs”. So each of our herbs are sourced from the nature, dried in shade and pulverized. Efficacy of the herbs depends on the process we follow. Process like shade drying prevents UV-rays from the sun and keeps the herbal efficacy intact.

Ayurveda is not an overnight miracle. Its a way of life. Your hair & Skin needs a routine to detox itself. We acknowledge the fact that Our Hair wash doesn’t lather, Rose petals bath powder won’t smell like rose scent because that’s how it will be when you pulverize Shikakai & Rose petals in your home. Initially people come to us with an angry face for this anomaly. We educate them What Pure Herbal Product is and they are our life long customers. Because at Vaseegrah Veda everything is Pure, Raw & Original.

Our Team

Rather than calling Vaseegrah Veda as a Home Brand, call us “Housewives Brand”.
Meet our Army of Hustling Homemakers.

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